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Saturday, April 23, 2016

"Kings and Lords in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem" by Hans Eberhard Mayer

This is a collection of scholarly essays by academics on various topics related to the crusader kingdoms. As is inevitable in a collection of this sort, the quality of the contributions varies, and readers should also be advised that despite the English title many of the articles are reproduced in their original language.  Of a total of 18 essays, 5 are in German and 1 is in French. The excellent article on the legitimacy of Baldwin IV, for example, is in German, making it inaccessible to many English-speaking readers.  Several of the other articles are more concerned with refuting the arguments of other scholars than informing the interested layman about the purported subject of the article. Given the price, I would only recommend this to researchers in need of some of the specific information included.


  1. You just enjoy adding to my "required reading," don't you? LOL

    Too bad there's not an English translation for this work.


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